The “Ressources Terminologiques” website shows several achievements of the Inist-CNRS with regard to terminological resources.

These resources are bilingual (french-english) thesauruses built by engineers specialized in both a scientific field and in ICT. They gather languages for a special purpose together with the concepts used to describe specialized scientific works.
They aim to respond to requirements linked to visibility, indexing, annotation, information searches, knowledge structuring, analysis of textual contents, technical copyrighting, support for decision-making, etc.

The scientific fields covered are:

  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Engineering & System Sciences
  • Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry
  • Life Sciences & Health
  • Earth Sciences & the Universe

Some of these fields are already present on this website, the others are likely to be added as updates are created.


Each of the resources displays hierarchically the concepts of a scientific domain, described by several fields:

  • English main term
  • fr: French main term
  • TT: Highest level (Top Term)
  • BT: Broader term
  • NT: Narrower term
  • RT: Related term
  • UF: Used for
  • DEF: Definition
  • [source]: Source of concept or definition


Several browsing and display modes are available:

  • Flat view: alphabetical list of concepts, showing all fields
  • Hierarchical view: indented list of concepts, highlighting the hierarchy
  • Two column table-view: list of main terms with linguistic equivalence
  • Vertical menu: browsing by initial of the main term; refers to the flat view
  • Bottom horizontal menu: browsing by class of top term; refers to the hierarchical view
  • Flags: language selection

Use “CTRL +F” to search for a term within a resource.


These resources are provided by Inist-CNRS under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence (CC-By 4.0)


Some of these resources can be downloaded in skos format from the Ortolang platform (after registration) :


If you would like to obtain a tmf version of one of these resources, or for any other question relative to your needs with regard to terminological resources, use the “contact” link available in the footer.

Licence Creative Commons
This work is licensed under a Licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.